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Linh Vuong, MD

linh-photoDr. Linh Vuong is a board certified Sports Medicine and Family Medicine physician.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), medical degree from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), and completed her internship and residency in Family Medicine at Harbor UCLA Medical Center.  Then she returned to Harbor UCLA after being out in practice for several years to complete a sports medicine fellowship.

Having an active lifestyle has always been important to Dr. Linh Vuong.  Over the years she has had multiple musculoskeletal injuries from soccer, running, volleyball, badminton and snowboarding. Having exhausted the traditional treatments with physical therapy, heat/ice, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory and other pain medications she looked to complementary and alternative medicine.  She found osteopathic manipulation and acupuncture very helpful but gave temporary relief. However, when combined with prolotherapy and perineural injection therapy (also known as neural prolotherapy) she was pain free and back in the game. This motivated Dr. Linh Vuong to get more training in these modalities.  Now, in her private practice she combines her knowledge of conventional practices and alternative methods to provide a more holistic, comprehensive, safe and effective approach to achieving and maintaining a pain free active lifestyle.  Dr. Vuong does ultrasound guided injections when doing dry needling, hydrodissection, prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP).

Dr. Linh Vuong is dedicated to teaching clinical medicine and is on staff at Harbor UCLA Department of Family Medicine.  She was honored with the Harbor UCLA Medical Center Volunteer Faculty of the Year award.  She is also active in the Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation and instructs physicians in prolotherapy and perineural injection therapy from around the world in Honduras, Mexico and at the annual HHPF University of Wisconsin Prolotherapy conference.