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Sports Medicine

Dr. Linh Vuong is a certified fellowship trained sports medicine physician.  She specializes in musculoskeletal injuries that have failed conservative treatments.  Sports injuries including ligament sprains, tendon strains and bone fractures that do not heal completely can lead to chronic joint and tissue swelling, arthritis, and debilitating pain that limit an athlete’s ability to fully participate in sports.  Dr. Linh Vuong uses her knowledge of both conventional orthopedic treatments (surgical and nonsurgical) and alternative training to tailor a unique plan for each individual athlete to maximize their ability to heal and return to play.   Conditions such as rotator cuff injuries, tennis or golfers’ elbows, Achilles tendonitis, Osgood Schlatter, patellar tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, groin and hamstring strains, and ligament instabilities in the shoulders, knees and ankles all respond very well to a combination of regenerative techniques (neural prolotherapy,  traditional prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma) and osteopathic manipulation using the Fascial Distortion Model to naturally heal and restore function.   Dr. Linh Vuong treats pediatric and adult patients ranging from club/school sports participants to recreational athletes and elite competitors.

Dr. Linh Vuong is a graduate of North High School and is proud return to North Torrance as their varsity football team physician.