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Zack C.

“I was referred to Dr. Vuong by a friend who is a patient of hers after having been seen by several internists and specialists. I was living with chronic abdominal pain in the lower right side for 5 months which mimicked appendicitis yet had been completely ruled out as any organ or nervous system dysfunction. Our meeting consisted of a detailed explanation of my situation and was exposed to books and diagrams by Dr. Vuong showing me the different bodily systems and how they function. After having been asked several questions, she performed a thorough exam and was able to see that my problem was related to my musculoskeletal system. Every one of the doctors I had seen prior would dig very deep and perform very extensive tests to find absolutely nothing. Dr. Vuong was able to see my issue based on my posture and former injuries without performing all the extensive testing! With her golden hands she was able to perform a manipulation that has since gotten rid of the pain. I only wish that I had been introduced to her well before I put myself through all the time, tests, and expenses of the many doctor visits over the past few months before. Dr. Vuong, if anything, is an absolute wealth of knowledge and has the warmest bed-side manner that I’ve seen yet.”